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Re: Arabic spellchecker

From: "hamed suhli" <hamedsuhli at gmail dot com>
Because I think it's important to progress FOSS work I'll explain:

the first reason is that I'm writing in English here and the TARMEEZ focus
on deep Arabic computing structure.

You can write arabic in the Wiki, in documents. In the case of discussing deep arabic where english would be inappropriate and insufficient, I think this could probably considered a special case.

Not a strong reason in my opinion to start a completely separate
project for.

that lead to the second reason: I don't think any one haven't
a good knowledge in Arabic infrastructure and deviation will
agree with our view and the need of special solution.
that special solution is the word deviation encoding from my point of view
and it's a wrong way from the view of many others
including some of my elementary team members and Nadim from Arabeyes
maybe my deep preknowledge in Assembly lead me to it, but no other
integrated solution I have seen, except SAKHR closed source deviation engine.

I didn't understand this, or its relevance as to why you started a separate project.

IMHO, its better to have a Major project covering many areas, than to
have many projects covering many areas.

BTW, we started this discussion on the 'developer' list :)

Ahmad Khalifa