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Re: Arabic spellchecker

arn at scs-net dot org wrote:
Question of a beginner in arabic. I feel that the idea of AFFIX or suffix is
more related to latin language. Would it not be possible to work with those
forms that are (as I feel) the basic of arabic. I remember trying to learn of
the first, second form, and those faaEl faEl....  and so on. But of course that
may seems easier when you're a beginner.

Everything is possible. But consider these questions.

- Would the AFFIX approach not work ?
- Which one is easier to implement ?
- Which one is faster to implement ?
- Which one will be easier to add to OO.o ?
- Which one will have wider deployment and acceptance ?

To me, the answer of these questions is what makes me go with the
AFFIX approach.

Ahmad Khalifa