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Re: Kuran for Java

--- Riyad Preukschas <rpreukschas at web dot de> wrote:
> Today I made another step in developing a Quran application.
> This app is fully written in Java and uses the arabeyes.org Quran 
> project's data files (although I must admit I applied tiny modifications 
> to them, see readme.txt for more information).
> It supports navigation through the Quran text and language switching.
> The point I'm most proud of is: recitation is working.

Great.  I reiterate my earlier questions though of why you didn't take
up Arabeyes' offer to host this project and build upon what is already
in Arabeyes' CVS (there is already a Java application there being worked
on my Mr. Ahmed El-Helw).


Are you adamant about not doing this on Arabeyes ?  And how do your
plans (and implementation goals) differ from those that relate to the
Java client being worked-on on Arabeyes ?  Have you talked to Ahmed
about his plans in hopes of working together ?

> btw2: All links referring to http://mhdyousif.hypermart.net/<whatever>
>        urls on the arabeyes Quran project's site are not working.

Mohammed.Yousif, could you please resolve this ASAP and upload all
screenshots (from now forth) to art.arabeyes.org (you can upload
using the following URL  art.arabeyes.org/upload  while using user/pass
of 'arabeyes/arabeyes').


 - Nadim

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