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Re: CVS: projects/external/putty README minibidi.c minibidi.h putty.arabic

On Thu, 2004-04-01 at 02:35, Nadim Shaikli wrote:
> ----------------------------------------------
> From: Nadim Shaikli (nadim)
> Date: Wed Mar 31 22:35:31 2004
> Update of /home/arabeyes/cvs/projects/external/putty
> In directory sina:/tmp/cvs-serv27633
> Modified Files:
> 	README minibidi.c minibidi.h putty.arabic 
> Log Message:
> + Removed all those ^M characters (let's stop developing on winblows)
> + Added more text to README
> + Added proper header/banner to C files (per Arabeyes standard)
> + Used a more popular C-indentation mode (emacs')


I wouldn't remove the control characters (^M) if I were you. PuTTY _IS_
a Windows application last I checked and so it is developed under
Windows (though there are ports to other platforms). Windows editors do
get confused sometimes when the ^M's are absent so it's best to leave
them be.

Mohammed Elzubeir