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Kuran for Java v0.06 realeased (not kidding -> 01 April)

Assalamu Alaikum,

Al-hamdu Li-llah,
today I made another step in developing a Quran application.
This app is fully written in Java and uses the arabeyes.org Quran project's data files (although I must admit I applied tiny modifications to them, see readme.txt for more information).
It supports navigation through the Quran text and language switching.
The point I'm most proud of is: recitation is working.

The app was tested on a 700Mhz machine with 384MB RAM, Windows XP and JRE1.4.2_03.

You can find the file to download at:

You just have to unzip the file, go into the bin directory and run the kuran.bat file.

I hope you enjoy it.

Known issues:
- App uses WinXP font (don't know whether win2k has the Traditional
  Arabic font)
- Preparing for audio output is slow, because the .spx files are
  converted to .wav files and then being played.
- Temporary files (i.e. quran_<number>.tmp) are not deleted when app
- I don't yet know whether it works on linux.

btw: I created one of those small website banners for arabeyes.org,
     because I could not find any on arabeyes.org.
     Look at the result:

With white background: http://kuran.sourceforge.net/ae_logo.png
With transparent background: http://kuran.sourceforge.net/ae_logo_transparent.png

btw2: All links referring to http://mhdyousif.hypermart.net/<whatever> urls on the arabeyes Quran project's site are not working.

	Riyad Preukschas