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Re: Kuran for Java v0.06 realeased (not kidding -> 01 April)

On Wed, 2004-03-31 at 19:11, Riyad Preukschas wrote:
> Assalamu Alaikum,
> Al-hamdu Li-llah,
> today I made another step in developing a Quran application.
> This app is fully written in Java and uses the arabeyes.org Quran 
> project's data files (although I must admit I applied tiny modifications 
> to them, see readme.txt for more information).
> It supports navigation through the Quran text and language switching.
> The point I'm most proud of is: recitation is working.

salam 3alaikum,
masha'Allah, i tested your app under linux and it works nicely (you just
need to change the ; to : in the script for separating the elements of
the classpath).

i just had a question though - did you use the java libquran?  because
it seemed that your version 0.05 (the only one for which i saw source
code on the webpage) used your own library, and i can't figure out if
you are using the same thing for 0.06 -- your readme though hints that
you do, "Differences to the library provided by arabeyes.org:" -- if in
fact you do, could we merge those changes into cvs for the benefit of
others who choose to use this library later on?

jazakAllah khair,
walsalam 3alaikum,
ahmed el-helw <ahmedre at cc dot gatech dot edu>