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Hello All:

After some long absence, I am happy to report that I am back working on Arabbix. Currently, I have two releases planned:

- Arabbix 0.8.1 (mostly bug fixes) and should be out by April 13th
- Arabbix 0.9 (Major upgrade to the entire distro including GNOME 2.6, new base module, better HW detection...etc). Release date is June 21st 2004. (I put the year just in case people started to wonder ;)).

Since a lot of people are interested in seeing the progress of Arabbix, I have created an online blog of my progress. I am using this as a trial run. If it is successful, I want to apply it to all of the projects I am working on.

Check out the blog, RoadMap, and other links related to Arabbix at:


I welcome all suggestions and feedback.