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U06DD "End Of Ayah" is not rendered correctly in QTextEdit (and inhereted classes)

  This bug has been around for quite a while.
  Let me first explain what U06DD "End Of Ayah" is used for.
  In the Qur'an every chapter consists of a number of verses (from 3 to 286).
  When the end of verse is reached, the number of that verse (or Ayah in
  Arabic) is written using Hindi digits (or Arabic-Indic digits as Unicode
  calls them) with a bounding symbol that marks the end of the verse
  (U06DD "End Of Ayah").
  The problem is that Qt draws U06DD as a regular character with its own
  width while the expected behavior is to look for the adjacent digits and
  draws that symbol around them (after making the digits small enough to
  fit in the symbol).
  Attached are two images:
    + current.png, gives the current behavior of Qt rendering this.
    + expected.png, gives the right and expected behavior.

  I know this is tricky but U06DD is simply not usable unless it is rendered

  Thanks in advance.

Mohammed Yousif

Attachment: current.png
Description: PNG image

Attachment: expected.png
Description: PNG image