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Chaudhary arian wrote:

Please reply ASAP:

1) Which files need to be changed to set up the XKB files?
I'm assuming that it will be necessary to establish an XKB file that allows the hot swapping
between Latin and Dzongkha.
Sorry. I do not know much about this

2) What is the best way to start work on modifying the Pango rendering program?
Does anyone have links with the group who are working on this?

If you googled it you would have found it instead of waiting. Anyway, here it is:


3) Where in the source code do we find the normalistaion and sorting rules?
We've read through the Unicode documents but would feel more comfortable looking at some concrete examples.

try fribidi.sf.net although I am not sure if what you are looking for is there... Please use google is it is faster and gives you much more info than we can ever give you.

thank u :)

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