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Re: U06DD "End Of Ayah" is not rendered ...

--- Mohammed Yousif <mhdyousif at gmx dot net> wrote:
> The problem is that Qt draws U06DD as a regular character with its own
> width while the expected behavior is to look for the adjacent digits and
> draws that symbol around them (after making the digits small enough to
> fit in the symbol).

Mohammed, just in passing - the unicode spec notes this glyph
(namely 0x06DD) to be a composing glyph (ie. note that dotted
circle within the glyph) meaning it should act like fatha/damma/etc.
If that is not happening properly for you (but fatha/damma work
fine) I would tend to think its the font file's fault and not
the application's.

Just a thought and sorry if I missed something ;-)


 - Nadim

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