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Re: dev help...

--- ahmad khalifa <ahmadkhalifa at hotmail dot com> wrote:
> ...last time i did that i spent a few hours on the code
> (CUPS's code) and later discovered that people could do
> some configuration and print ok...

Ahmad, I for one am not sure what is needed with regards to CUPS
and how to make its 'lp' and 'lpr' print Arabic UTF-8 files properly.
I had probed about this previous, but don't recall getting an answer,


so I'm not sure that the CUPS topic is a done-deal just yet.

Did you try CUPS' "lp" and/or "lpr" and they worked fully for you ?
Were you able to do this from the command-line and get fully shaped
and bidi'ed print-outs ?  If so, can you give us details on what it
is that one needs to do or setup to get it to work properly.  We'll
augment our HOWTO docs with this info at a minimum :-)


 - Nadim

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