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Re: RPM specs and other distro packages

On Yaum al-Jumma 21 Jumaada al-Awal 1425 06:43 pm, Mohammed Elzubeir wrote:
> On Fri, 2004-07-09 at 19:20, Muhammad Alkarouri wrote:
> > No need to blame him, as Elzubeir is not the implementor. He would like
> > a Duali RPM, however. Elzubeir?
> If taking the blame means an RPM will be created, no problemo ;)
> Munzir, it would be helpful if those specs are given back to the
> upstream author of the package so they can keep it in CVS and note it in
> the project page. This way we can keep track of what was created and
> what was not.

Elzubeir, may be you are familiar with debian's inconvienient multi-files 
source packages. In rpm-based distros, the srpm contains the spec file inside 
it so every one can download it to get the spec file. easy? Besides you can 
have more than one patch in srpms not like in Debian ;)

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