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Re: Arabeyes Fonts in RPM

> >     I did package Arabeyes in RPM Fortmat. 
> Packaging the fonts is a Good Thing (TM). I doubt if Arabeyes would like
> themselves to be packaged:)

Opss .. Typo :) ... I did mean Arabeyes' packages in RPM :)

> As a quick test, it installs perfectly, and I can immediately use the
> fonts.
> As a result of this e-mail, I remembered that someone here offered
> making various RPMS for Arabeyes. So I googled and, guess what, he is
> still there.
> http://alidrus.mlcc.com.my/RPMS/
> Probably you can make use of these, as the SRPMS are already available.

If it is already packaged so I would not redo it, ElZbueir to blame 
for that :) I will check his SRPMS. I am working on Duali RPM which
does not seem to be in his RPMs.