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Re: Arabeyes Fonts in RPM

Munzir Taha wrote:

> Well, your suggestion of package separation is logic and I loved it but keep 
> in mind something is better than nothing, I will send the mandrake list to 

And something good is better than "something" ;)

> ask if they will allow two or three arabic font packages in their distro main 
> CD's. If they don't deny it I will make the separation. Otherwise, Mandrake 
> already have a fonts-ttf-arabic that contains KACST and Urdu Nastaliq in 
> _one_ package. I just updated it and

Well, frankly, KACST fonts are not sufficient, so I'm sure they will accept.

> - Added Arabeyes GPL Fonts
> - Added farsifonts version 0.4 GPL fonts (covering Arabic and Farsi)

I'm not sure having such a huge font package is a good thing either. With every
different one having its own release time. If you will be maintaining this,
I suggest you always look for what makes your life easier.

> Regarding the names I prefer a one that goes a long distros naming scheme. 
> Mandrake uses fonts-ttf-language where as debian uses xfonts-... and not sure 
> about Fedora. So, may be it's better to go with distro's naming scheme rather 
> than a unified one.

I think you are probably right on this one.
> [..]
> Another important topic is making these rpms relocatable so one SRPMS will be 
> enough to Mandrake, RedHat, SuSE, ...
From what I understood from Sherif, there are a few distro specific things (at 
least for the Fedora packages -- he even suggested the detection of the distro
before installation.

> [..]

Mohammed Elzubeir

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