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Re: Akka patch

On Tue, 12 Nov 2002, Phactorial - wrote:

> Regarding that e-mail that was due for Saturday:
> Farsi is a pretty well written piece of work (still space for optimizations, 
> maybe some architecture overhauls (some server exception handling to allow 
> the changing of options on the fly), portability seems to be trivial here 
> fortunately). However, the BSD license is not something that I take 
> favorably for large projects, a lot of the changes made to the code are 
> simply redistributed in other programs rather than donated back to the 
> project (working on our revised Akka will allow us to maintain the GPL).

As far as I'm the maintainer of farsi package,  it will be 
released under GPL or LGPL, with some parts borrowed from BSD 
licensed code, which I may replace it to remove the dependency.

BTW, we really don't know what's the future of this piece of 
code.  The current usage is just being my hobby for late-night 

Some weird thing I'm working on these days, is to create a kernel 
module out of Farsi!!!  This also requires to create a module for 
fribidi too.

> I recommend that you do one thing, forget about me and Farsi. Give me a 
> couple of weeks to ponder about Akka and the way to go for the rewrite. I 
> will contact you as much as possible with my ideas, comments, etc... In a 
> good amount of time we should have a completely new design sketch for Akka 
> for us to get down and dirty into hacking out new code.

Behdad Esfahbod		21 Aban 1381, 2002 Nov 12 
http://behdad.org/	[Finger for Geek Code]

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