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Re: Developer digest, Vol 1 #264 - 5 msgs

Thanks very much.

Could you please send me the papers that you mentioned on the topic of


On Mon, Nov 11, 2002 at 01:20:11AM -0800, sara mraish wrote:
> Thanks a lot,
> So to answer my questions you mentioned we can normalize an alef_maksura
> with a yeh and a teh_marbuta with a heh?

Yes. This is not something I came up with, it is what all the papers I have
seen on the subject say. If you like, I can email you privately a couple of
papers that you may find useful.=20

> I see teh marbuta online as a teh marbuta I don't see the dots removed and
> it's a heh only if the word ends with a heh especially when we have a
> masclin word. I see teh marbuta as a teh marbuta.  I am just having a hard
> time convincing myself that we can remove the dots from the teh marbuta
> because if the word is feminin then it should have the two dots on top of
> the heh to make the word feminin..therefore, you are saying that we can
> remove the dots from the teh marbuta and make it a heh for indexing and
> usage in IR applications for Arabic language.

Of course, but you have to consider two things at least:
  1. You don't want to limit your search too much
  2. The user is less likely to be keen on following such a rule (evident
     by our writing when we write on paper, often we omit the dots).
Then again, you make that choice yourself ;)