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Re: al quraan

On Tuesday 05 November 2002 07:51, Mohammad DAMT wrote:
> Well, I'm proposing following directory structure:
> 	+----: lang/
> 		+----: package_name/
> 			+----: s001a001.ogg
> so following filenames are valid:
> ar/01/s001a001.ogg
> ar/baashir_live/s001a001.ogg
> id/20021104_jakarta/s001a001.ogg
> 01, baashir_live, and 20021104_jakarta are names picked as
> "package_name".
> reciter's name and recording credits/copyrights are directly read from
> ID3 tag in ogg file (CMIIMW: is there ID3 in ogg file? *-)
this is OK (OGG has ID3 tag), but that will require us to use libogg in 
libquran and the using it again in the application to play the file (as you 
Again, I think libquran should be responsible for playing ogg files too (we 
may add various options to it so it can suit what you need)

Mohammed Yousif
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