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Re: al quraan

On Wed, Nov 06, 2002 at 07:06:41PM +0200, Mohammed Yousif wrote:
> this is OK (OGG has ID3 tag), but that will require us to use libogg in 
> libquran and the using it again in the application to play the file (as you 
> suggested)
> Again, I think libquran should be responsible for playing ogg files too (we 
> may add various options to it so it can suit what you need)

maybe I didn't clearly said what I meant, 
libquran will use libvorbis to open ogg file, decodes it, then returns
PCM data to application. The application then responsible to play the
PCM data (not the oggvorbis stream). libquran will have responsibility
to play the PCM data (but responsible to decodes ogg data).

preliminary code in this issue still in my computer and I will upload to CVS as soon as
I completed it (perhaps in a day or two)

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