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Re: al quraan

On Mon, Nov 04, 2002 at 11:45:00AM +0200, Mohammed Yousif wrote:
> I'm against using an xml file for every reciter, because this will require 
> un-needed work in writing these XMLs, while they don't provide much data
> (you can get the filename using a coding scheme for example s001a001.ogg and 
> the name of the reader can be put in a separate utf8 file as I noted before)

Well, I'm proposing following directory structure:

	+----: lang/
		+----: package_name/
			+----: s001a001.ogg

so following filenames are valid:

01, baashir_live, and 20021104_jakarta are names picked as
reciter's name and recording credits/copyrights are directly read from
ID3 tag in ogg file (CMIIMW: is there ID3 in ogg file? *-)

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