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Then comes my answer:)

Mohammed Elzubeir a *crit :

> On Thu, Nov 29, 2001 at 12:52:46AM +0100, Chahine Hamila wrote:
> The idea is certainly appealing. However, I do have my reservations
> like Nadim outlined on his first message. Mainly that Arabeyes is
> not set up to engage in custom-software projects.

That's not why it is not Arabeyes per se which is going to be engaged in
the project as I explained before...

> I understand your points about the benefits of such an engagment, in
> terms of code produced as a side-effect of the project you are
> proposing. However, it is still very vague as to how much we can
> benefit from it.

And that is precisely the goal of establishing a plan. With both the
economic and technical aspects detailed on paper, things would be much

> You mentioned something about the summer, so I understand that this
> is a x months contract that probably shouldn't take longer than the
> summer to complete.

Actually, it all depends on the work done and the size of the team
engaged. A first usable version, that wouldn't contain all they would
like to see though, could be produced in a summer imo. That said it's a
random estimation and a project study must be done.

> About the list. Yes, it is archived. I did not delete the thread.
> (...) Otherwise, no one under any normal circumstances would
> read this.

mmmmm... mmyeaahh... my mediterranean conditionning must be itching

> So, in summary, if this project you are proposing is a summer
> project I am 'personally' interested and can very easily be
> committed. I would be fresh out of college by then, and would
> definitly not mind participating in something of that kind. But, I
> would not link this project with Arabeyes per se (and I am sure that
> is not what you intended, but I think that's how Nadim understood
> it).

Nadim got it the second time;)
Anyway, seeing the great enthusiasm it generated;), I'll take care of
laying down a plan by myself and let you know in case there's some
needed follow-up...:/

Later guys.