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On Wed, 28 Nov 2001 22:50:28 +0100
 "Chahine Hamila" <HALCON11 at terra dot es> wrote:
> There *is* money, and that's why I am saying we could get Arabeyes involved.
> Let me give you a very simple example: when developping the GUI for this
> soft, you will need a toolkit. Instead of taking the MS one, we could decide
> to use GTK for Win32. Now, GTK is not arabized. So we could consider it as
> part of this work to be done when submitting the project. Arabizing software
> like GTK falls very much inside the scope of Arabeyes, and so is creating
> new free Arab software. It would NOT be done on a volunteer basis, but on a
> very paid one. IOW, I am saying that when submiting the project plan for
> funding by the government of Aragon, we can seize the opportunity to drop
> in a "bit" of arabization without telling them it's for arabization's sake
> but selling it as part of their software development's work (though leaving
> the free parts under free licenses of course). Got the picture?

Noted and agreed with as such and if this goes further we should talk about
possibly setting a services arm to arabeyes in which custom work is considered
and sought (but, we might be getting ahead of ourselves).

> Your commitment would come if the idea seems appealing enough to you, in the
> sense that you guys would do the effort of writing down a plan, while I would
> take care of the rest of the administrative work (hey, I'm becoming an expert
> in that;)).
> Interested?

It does sound appealing, but again (and always remember that I'm not Software
Engineer), that it would be best served it we were able to get this "contract"
and then under the pretext of having people work elsewhere (in this connected
world and New freakin' world disorder :-) and shift the work to where it would
make sense.  To be completely honest, I don't know that I would be able to
contribute anything to arabizing GTK (at this moment) would much rather not
go there until the fundamentals (writing/reading/email) are all taken care of.

> PS: Mohamed or Nadim, please delete these messages from the archives, they're
> too serious to be left on an internet storage. Thanks.

I'll leave that Mohammed, but as far as I know no one has access to this list
and as such its private (plus there is nothing damning in what you are
saying), the money mentioned about would certainly benefit arabeyes first and
foremost -- in the future if you don't want these things archived, email us

> PPS: Nadim, es mismo mejor para el proyecto si estais interasados que hables
> espaņol:)

Por supuesto.

> PPPS: Nadim, yes, I thought about developing the stuff in Syria, and kind of
> hinted it actually, but the government of Aragon wouldn't want to fund
> something that would be produced outside Spain (which means, if you are
> involved and most of all IF we get the funding, you would come in, all
> expenses paid of course, at least temporarily, for the summer or whenever it
> suits you. Insisting on the IF)...

Well, this might not be very realistic -- it needs to be noted that some will
be there and some won't and under that pretext one could shift a larger
section of the work to the "camps" :-) under tight supervision of course that
the work will be completed and done to our satisfaction.

Again I will note that I'm not a software guy and that I hold a full time job
and that I am looking to migrate to a more nurturing environment to raise kids
and so your adventures and attitude certainly spark an selfish fuse in me
(keep that in mind :-)

Mohammed, Isam ???  Putting a proposal together is nothing too difficult given
an outline and a sense of direction as well a sense of the amount of work to
be completed (skillset, number of people, time-line, deliverables, etc).  What
are your guy's initial thoughts ?

BTW: Summer is looking for work and she's available immediatley just in case.

 - Nadim

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