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following Moe's request, his answer is forwarded to the list...
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On Thu, Nov 29, 2001 at 12:52:46AM +0100, Chahine Hamila wrote:

Alright, a lot has been said and I don't think it would be easy for
me to quote every bit and comment on it, so I will make my comments

The idea is certainly appealing. However, I do have my reservations
like Nadim outlined on his first message. Mainly that Arabeyes is
not set up to engage in custom-software projects.

I understand your points about the benefits of such an engagment, in
terms of code produced as a side-effect of the project you are
proposing. However, it is still very vague as to how much we can
benefit from it.

You mentioned something about the summer, so I understand that this
is a x months contract that probably shouldn't take longer than the
summer to complete. Re-locating for me at that point is probably not
a problem at all. So, I am personally interested as a job
opportunity, but I can't say that on behalf of Arabeyes as a

To answer Nadim's concerns about priorities, I certainly agree with
Chahine in that in order to provide true Arabic support, the
underlying engine must be adapted, bottom-up approach. That was the
original direction of Arabeyes and then it was diverted to a more
middle of the lane direction for other reasons (like a speedy
product to show and so attract attention of developers, etc.).

About the list. Yes, it is archived. I did not delete the thread.
This is as good as the message being saved in my mailbox. No one but
the people who receive this can access it (unless they are dedicated
to eavesdropping on us, and then ah well..hello there!). This is
archived for 'our' own reference, and nothing else. The only point I
made about it when I first created the list was that, yeah, if the
FBI comes knocking down my door with their new anti-whatever laws,
and decide to go through all my files, this list will be there..
that's all. Otherwise, no one under any normal circumstances would
read this.

So, in summary, if this project you are proposing is a summer
project I am 'personally' interested and can very easily be
committed. I would be fresh out of college by then, and would
definitly not mind participating in something of that kind. But, I
would not link this project with Arabeyes per se (and I am sure that
is not what you intended, but I think that's how Nadim understood
it). So, I can personally be committed for 1,2+ months during the
summer to work on that (but you would have to give us more details).
Again, I speak for myself only. 

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