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Faq-o-matic quickie intro


This is by no means a guide to use the faq-o-matic script, but to just get you
started, (http://faqomatic.sourceforge.net/) is a better guide. Although for
Isam, I thought I might do a broadcast instead ;)

At this moment I'm still experimenting with the permission settings, so some
unnecessary restrictions might come up as you use it. Since I too, know very
little about it, I'm tightening it first and will open it up as we go along
(as far as permissions to edit things go).

By default, the 'Appearance' doesn't show any of the editing options. This is
a good thing! (TM). But, if you would like to see what else you can do,
clicking on 'Appearance' takes you to a screen where you can modify the amount
of editing options and other info you want displayed on your faqomatic page.

Okay, now we want to add a new faq item. A question and answer. It's a little
midleading in wording actions. But, on the main page of the subcategory (e.g.
Fonts is a subcategory) there is a link to 'Add a New Answer to...'. Clicking
on that takes you to a screen with 'New Item' in the 'Title' form. Instead of
it saying 'Title', it should really say 'Question', because this is where the
actual question is (e.g. 'How do I read a .PO file'). 

Make sure you un-check the 'Show attributions from all parts together' at
bottom option. That is an annoying feature that lists people's names (who
wrote on the faq). That is annoying cause the user can still view the
attributions (who wrote what) if they change the appearance. No need to super
impose it on people to read our names just yet ;)

Once you submit the 'Title' or question, it will take you to yet another
screen where you enter the answer. So you write, 'To read a PO file you need
to have a utf-8.. blablabla'. 

Then you are set ;)

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