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[asj@linux.org.sa: Re: IBM's Announcement]

This is a message I received from Abdulrahman Aljadhai (Saudi LUG).

I have replied to him noting that we welcome all cooperation, and will consult
the rest of the core team to work out the details.

I will suggest two things (when he replies back/or before):

1. Move Saudi LUG work to Arabeyes CVS (and other tools provided by Arabeyes)
2. Coordinate the list of priorities (spell-checkers/xterminal,etc)

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Dr. Khaled is right, we are not aware of any announcement by IBM.
We would like to see major Arabic releases come out for Linux. The
goal of the 1st Linux Arabization Workshop (held last Sept. in Cairo)
was to let people know each other so they can coordinate the efforts
and I think IBM is with us on this. It would make good sense to contact
IBM of Egypt directly to discuss this. If you can provide me with the
announcement, I will get more clarification from them.

I would like also to take this opportunity to tell you that we at the Saudi
Linux group would like to coordinate our efforts with the other groups
and I would like to know how can we do such thing with Arabeyes.


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