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Re: [asj@linux.org.sa: Re: IBM's Announcement]

--- Mohammed Elzubeir <elzubeir at fakkir dot net> wrote:
> This is a message I received from Abdulrahman Aljadhai (Saudi LUG).
> I have replied to him noting that we welcome all cooperation, and will
> consult the rest of the core team to work out the details.
> I will suggest two things (when he replies back/or before):
> 1. Move Saudi LUG work to Arabeyes CVS (and other tools provided by Arabeyes)
> 2. Coordinate the list of priorities (spell-checkers/xterminal,etc)
> ----- Forwarded message from AbdulRahman Aljadhai <asj at linux dot org dot sa> -----

Mohammed - if they got into a "fit" about uploading to arabeyes - then we
need to simply engage with them on the project list and really really work
as a group to knock things out of the list of things to be done.  We need
to "listen" to them very carefully and even rethink some of our current
stances regarding what we think is a priority as long as it makes sense
to us.  Dialog and closer communication is GREAT.  Level of commitment
and schedule is also important.

I welcome this step and anticipate many like it -- I will address
"Mr ttf-egypt" (sorry don't have a name) regarding the university idea.
I agree with him and would like to see what HE can do in that regard in
egypt and elsewhere (I will disregard his talk on "war" and distro since
its a waste of bandwidth :-)

 - Nadim

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