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Re: Questions about yeh, hamzah on yeh, alef maksura and dotless ba

On Tuesday 03 January 2006 08:29, Meor Ridzuan Meor Yahaya wrote:
> Yousif,
> Does this means that your apps now does not use Opentype technology?

However, that doesn't mean that the font itself mustn't contain OT tables,
it only means that I will not be using them.

> Then how are you going to encode the text itself?

Well, in the most logical manner. And I will make sure that the text can still
be rendered using OpenType.

> > Well, I only do this for the benefit of the Qur'an.
> Maybe what you meant is people to study/read the Quran.

That's what the Qur'an is about after all. It is there for people to
read and understand it.

> Anyway, maybe you can first describe your plan with the project than,
> because last time you insist on the solution to be cross platform as
> much as possible, but now you are saying that you are going to render
> the Quran your own way? Then how to make it compatible to other
> paltform?

The text is one issue and the way to render it is another issue.

I do insist that the text be usable everywhere.
But for the application, it's a Linux application (Though, I might port to
Windows at some point) that needn't be cross-platform.

I'm only going to render that text using a custom widget but that doesn't
mean that the text won't be compatible with other platforms. It should
of course and I insist on that.

If you are interested in the project(the app) plan, you should watch the
'developer' list as this is the appropriate list.

> I have demonstrated that it is possible to render the quran correctly
> using unicode + opentype. The solution works most of the time,
> provided the platform have enough opentype support. Most MS Windows
> and Linux does not have any problems, we just need to supply the
> necessary font ( done that also). The only platform that I really want
> to test is Windows CE 5.0, which promises to have uniscribe support,
> but not sure how far they go with it (windows ce 2.0/pocket pc 2002
> and windows ce 3.0/pocket pc 2003 does not have uniscribe support,
> thus does not have international language support build in) . There
> are only a few more areas that need to be enhance to get it both
> correct visually and encoding wise.

I'm convinced that it is possible. That is why I started using it after all.
You don't need to demonstrate that :-)

But again, for a custom app I would feel much more comfortable to draw
the text my own way to get around any problem in the rendering engine and
such and to be able to port it to other platforms not having OpenType
support (i.e. Qtopia). The text of course can still be rendered using

Mohammed Yousif

"قال قائل منهم إني كان لي قرين. يقول أءنك لمن المصدقين. أءذا متنا وكنا تراباً 
وعظاماً أءنا لمدينون. قال هل أنتم مطلعون. فاطلع فرءاه في سواء الجحيم. قال
تالله إن كدت لتردين. ولولا نعمة ربي لكنت من المحضرين"  (من القرءان الكريم)