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Re: how to contribute to GNOME translation project?

Thank you all;

Identified documentation on :
Arabeyes - documentation - CVS howto
Arabeyes - documentation - Arabic Documentation Standards
Arabeyes - documentation - Translator Guide

After reading the above documents,
I'll.start( ) downloading pos files and translating using gtranslator
starting two months from now...in.sha-a'Allah (i.s.A)

On 1/2/06, Arafat Medini <arafato at gmail dot com> wrote:
> take a tour to the documentation list on how to use the following:
> cvs
> translation guide
> And the Arabic documentation standards
> Then download kbabel or gtranslator, install
> and take a look at the translations to get a feeling. I would
> advice you to start with little files.
> And welcome!
> Arafat
> p.s: as I am very busy lately I can't guide that much but I am open for any
> question.
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