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Arabeyes Presence at LSM 2005


I'll be representing Arabeyes in the LSM 2005 which will be held this
year in Dijon, France from July 5th to July 9th [1]. It's a really big
event with particpants from all over the world, so it's a real chance
for us to be there (yeah, we've been invited ;-). The program of the
talks is here [2]. As I'm writing this, it's not yet up-to-date, so
here what I'm going to present:

All presentations are under the 'Non Technical' category:

* Jul 5th: Presenting the experience of Arabeyes in i18n, under the
'Documentation and Internationalization' theme [1 hour]. Maybe I'll
have to give this presentation twice, but I don't have the definitive
schedule yet.
* Jul 7th: Presenting and demonstrating Bayani !! under the
'Education' theme [20 minutes].
* Jul 8th: Roundtable about i18n and Education under the 'Education'
theme. I'll talk about our experience in i18n with other participants
[50 minutes].

The presentations will be in French. I tried to search our CVS for
recent presentations with no success. For ex, I'd like to take a look
at Abdulaziz's presentation in Casablanca. Where can I find it ?

So, a lot of work to do for the 2 coming weeks inshallah. By the way,
if anyone is also going to Dijon I'll be very glad to meet them ;-)


[1] http://www.libresoftwaremeeting.org/sections
[2] http://www.libresoftwaremeeting.org/sections/conference

Youcef R. Rahal