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Re: Volunteers, Unicode, previous examples and things

Dear Mr. Alothman and all

I didn't mean to be insensitive to the nature of Quran, pardon my ignorance of this. As an outsider I suppose I have a Western notion of "textuality" that objectifies an object of study. That said, there are similar notions e.g. Karl Barth about the Christian Bible, who says that it is the Living Word, and is so because of the church's role of preaching it (and living it).

Thank you for the discussion of the nature of Quran. I joined this list because I have been doing a thesis in Seminary using software that aids in computational linguistic analysis of the Hebrew Bible. I had hoped to go to Grad School and wanted to do something similar with Quran. I suppose software like this is useful for academics, but perhaps will not be available for some time since it will take a long time to get the encoding on the Quran right, but that's o.k. because I got rejected from Washington University's Islamic Studies program anyway.

Just wondering, what sorts of functions will people want from this encoding of the Quran? I guess the sorts of functions you want helps you decide how to encode it... Perhaps that what the rEAd:rEd example was about...

Many thanks,

Julie :)