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Re: Word Processing- English to Arabic

scripsit Julie Devall:
> Salaam Y'all,
> I really appreciate the English because I'm a beginning Arabic student. ;)
> I am probably asking an elementary question, but my Arabic teacher is trying 
> to put together a grammar (probably using MS Word) and he is having trouble 
> formatting it from Arabic nouns on one side of a page to the English gloss 
> on the other side, but I thought that the Linux gurus could recommend some 
> non-MS product for which this might be easier...
> I appreciate any help you tech guru's can supply.  (I am also a newbie to 
> Linux, and am using a Knoppix CD until I can understand enough to use a 
> Linux dedicated machine, so I'm still a GUI dependent).
> all the best,
> Julie :)

These things can be done easily with ArabTeX once you got it installed.
I would recommend, to your teacher, to get TeX/LaTeX and then ArabTeX,
for Arabic and also mixed Western/Arabic texts. There is some initial
work involved to get running; but the output is print quality.

For yourself: I think you will get good advice from others on this list.
Your needs, and those of your teacher, are different.

Good luck!

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