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Re: SCS conference (cont)

--- Munzir Taha <munzirtaha at newhorizons dot com dot sa> wrote:
> I found this is document contains some good points:
>   http://www.arabeyes.org/~elzubeir/state/index.html
> I would like also to see as a final slide the problem or challenges
> we face. Things like issues in kacst fonts (after a word of thanks of
> course), the need of translators, missing Islamic software for Hadith,
> Fiqh, ... A call for people to wake up and do something for the good
> of the community while of course not forgetting financial income.
> Please all of you good guys here. I need your suggestions to this 
> presentation. You know in such occasions one misses obvious points and 
> confuse priorities.

Munzir, excellent points.  Let's do this - grab the two presentations in


open them up and look through them.  Pick the slides you think you want
to present and save them off on the side (ie. we'll re-use 'em).  Once
that is done (pre-arabizing), we'll add our own slides to include the
points above (among others) meanwhile you can translate those picked
slides.  I'm not sure how much time you've been alloted, but I'm thinking
anywhere from 8-12 slides is sufficient to tell them what Arabeyes is
all about, what we've done, what we're planning to do, where THEY can
help us, etc.  So in short I think the outline (and thus slide progression
ought to be - suggested),

 + About Open Source/Linux (1 slide)
 + About Arabeyes (1 slide)
 + Accomplishments (1-2 slides)
 + Pending issues - general (2-3 slides maybe :-)
 + Pending issues - specific (1-2 slides)
   - KACST fonts: need more font expertise, need missing Quranic glyphs
                  need to lobby unicode to accept missing Quranic glyphs,
                  need proper review of Khotot fonts by KACST's expert
                  (need access to KACST font expert in short).
   - Verified Quran Data: QuranComplex has NOT replied to our emails
                          (we've been after them for 10 months now) to 
                          verify content of our Arabic data and to supply
                          us with inspected and approved translations
   - Hadith Data: We've talked about a generic Islamic reader, any thoughts?
   - Integration: We see lots of work from .sa LUG and KACST, but we don't 
                  interact with them (they are NOT on our lists, why?) and
                  they seem to only announce packages once done, no visibility
                  into their roadmap, can we change this ?
   - Communication: We can't seem to get email replies from KACST members.
                    ITL/hijri/umm_alqura auther had been mailed 3 times with
                    no replies.  Mr AlHarthi mailed 4 times, no replies.  How
                    best to facilitate better communication and cooperation?
   - Super.LUG: There was genuine agreement on creating a single arabic LUG
                which would simply mirror the various news from all the arabic
                country LUGs (ie. instead of going to the .eg LUG and .jo LUG
                and .lb LUG to get news one simply goes to one site which pulls
                (via RSS) all news into a single location).  What happened to
                the idea ?  How best to speed its realization ?
   - Public Relations: How best to publicize about Open Source and Linux ?
                       CD and T-shirt printing requires financial support.
 + What to do to help - general (1 slide)

If you have a different outline in mind, let us know.  But do please look
over the previous presentations and follow the same format/look-n-feel
since we're trying to standardize on things.  Pick the slides you feel
relevant and start your own .sxi file (once done we'll import your
presentation onto CVS as well for safe keeping and future reference).

Thanks Munzir for being dependable, professional and excited about all
these issues - its refreshing to see that again ;-)

PS: you might want to login to IRC for the next week or so to catch any
    of us for help.  Getting this done and done fast is a priority for
    all of us.


 - Nadim

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