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Re: Obtaining the Certified Quranic Text

I'm moving this conversation to the 'general' list as it does not pertain
to 'coding'.

--- Ahmad Al-Twaijry <msx at hush dot com> wrote:
> Why we don't then use
> http://quran.al-islam.com/
> This is a Quran website form harf company

We can't get anything without first getting their OK (yup even on something
as open as the Quran).  Plus the whole point is we need to have an authority
look over the contents to certify them as "clean".  The translations also
need to be gone over - grabbing things off the net simply due to the fact
that they are there is a very dangerous thing to do.

I believe Ossama has finally been able to get in touch with someone in
QuranComplex, so maybe (just maybe) we can get a more definitive answer
and get someone with the proper acumen to inspect our content and lead
us to proper translations.  We continue to need authorities to certify
our work versus us simply grabbing things blindly (ie. lets do this
right from the get-go to assure ourselves and others that we've done
our homework and did it right - ie. be a qudawa for all).


 - Nadim

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