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Re: why only few work (was - RTL lists...)

--- Ahmad Al-Twaijry <msx at hush dot com> wrote:
> I think you (as an Arabeyes core) must open topic about the
> problem "Why only few people work ?!!"
> We must talk about this at less to make a list of the reasons.

We've been on this subject a thousand times - we've asked for people's
input to find out what would it take to get people more interested and
excited to put-in an hour a week (yup, just 1 hour a week).  As noted
lots of people come and declare that they are willing to do whatever it
takes to help and then simply disappear.  The lists have hundreds of
people on 'em, yet only 10-20 (if that) participate in any capacity.

If you have ideas/remedies to awaken those that seem to be continuously
drowsy, do please share 'em with all of us (this is not a 'core' issue,
its an entire community issue and we can all stand to hear tangible and
constructive opinions on this matter).

Salam & thanks for caring.

 - Nadim

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