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global TODO list


I have just spent some time moving the global_TODO to wiki:

It has become apparent that the list is getting longer and action toward
it are little to non-existent. I am sure there are lots of people on
this list. I would urge you.. implore you, to look at the list and find
something to take on.

We have been very behind in a lot of issues (mentioned on the TODO
list). We need to start making more progress, not at random work but
with the same focused dedication that made Arabeyes what it is. 

In the past, the 'core' team has taken on most of the tasks that were
considered high priority. This strategy is not possible given the long
list of things to do and the limited number of 'core' members. Arabeyes
members and lurkers need to be more pro-active. Being pro-active doesn't
need to be confined to posting on lists. 

I know that many people would look at an item and think they don't know
enough to tackle it. That should never stop anyone. Even if you don't
achieve the final result, in researching and documenting, you will in
effect shorten the time-span necessary for someone else to take-over.
That is something worth some serious consideration.

So go through the TODO list.. find something and take it on!

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