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Re: global TODO list

Salam all,

Evolution is done, as of 1.5 Evo became a native pango app, it supports
100% Arabic in every component, I am currently translating it and
passing the po to Ossama after I'll get enough of it ;)

Well for the other thingies I am really working right now nearly 10 to
11 hours a day on gnome, as I don't have any exams left.
So I can't take ownership of another module till I complete gnome.

With revieweing gtk+ with 1400 strings, Nauti with 1400 and working on
Evo with 3700 strings and starting on Abiword with 1300 strings I am
more then saturated, don't forget all the other gnome modules, and some
nifties like rhythmbox totem and gdesklets...

Btw rhythmbox is nearly fnished I posted a po lately, gdesklets also: I
was the first one who did a translation of it ;) and totem is in the
works to the half completed...

This is my status and why I can't take on another module right now, so
that you don't think I am lazy...