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Re: Arabeyes Wiki

On Thu, Dec 11, 2003 at 03:58:35PM +0300, Munzir Taha wrote:
> This is really a great idea. I am all for it. I was about to ask for it before 

I have been asking for it for a long time myself.. and this one seemed
to be the simplest to setup (and migrate).

> when I realized that there are lots of things due and it seems no body has 
> anytime to do it. If we can't find some one to fix the update scripts, ... ;)

Yeah, *cough*Youcef was supposed to do something about it but is
supposedly busy*cough*cough*.. ;)

> The Arabic Howto, the Global TODO the bugs page, ... should all be in wiki. 

Well, feel free to add stuff there then ;) I added a few items from the
Arabic HOWTO (ArabicKeymap, Mlterm, FriBidi, ArabicFilenames, Locales,
LinuxKernel..) Add as you see fit. The current setup is that anyone can
simply get a username and edit without having to be manually approved.

> But be aware that wiki needs some one to take a look at it periodically and 
> remedy any odd things entered by wikiers.

Yes, I'm aware of the overhead.. but it had to be done ;)

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