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Re: Applist.(was - Re: Distros project)

--- Muhammad Alkarouri <malkarouri at yahoo dot co dot uk> wrote:
> Application List
> ================
> Here (http://www.geocities.com/malkarouri/applist.html) is a
> draft application list, as required in the SAIS document which
> has an old version at http://www.geocities.com/karouri/las/
> F1! F1! F1! (Help,help,help)
> ----------------------------
> I will update this document by Sunday. I need feedback on the following:

With regard to the second URL (ie. LAS):
 - Change the document's name/title to "Standard for Arabic Inclusion
   and Support" (SAIS)
 - Update your email address
 - Add a section 2.3 named "Intended Audience" noting whom this doc
   will be of interest to
 - In section 3.x s/LAS/SAIS
 - Make section 4.4 be section 4.1 instead
 - Change section 5's title, so it'll become
   "Arabization Standard Levels (ASL) - Applications"
 - Change section 5.1's title, so it'll become
   "ASL Application Levels Defined"
 - Change section 5.4's title, so it'll become
   "Application List"
 - Change section 6's title, so it'll become
   "Arabization Standard Levels (ASL) - Distributions"
 - Add section 6.1's title, so it'll become
   "ASL Distribution Levels Defined"
 - In section 5.1.x, I highly recommend you attach a shadow number
   to each color, as in, Red/1, Orange/2, Yellow/3, Green/4, Blue/5.
   Rational here is that not everyone equates colors to a certain
   urgency level, using both satisfies that predicament.
I'm not sure I see the relationship between section-5.4 and the following


is one supposed to replace the other (I believe so :-) ?  Personally, I
like the URL listed above in lieu of section-5.4's since it breaks things
down based on functionality, yet its "status" is odd (I like section-5.4's
there).  I would also drop the entire "Packaging" column as it's unnecessary.

> - The form of the table. Any comments?

I like section-5.4's content, but think it needs to be broken down per
function as you did in the 'applist' doc (as noted above).

> - The principles of the status evaluation are included in the SAIS
>   document. Do you like that?

If you mean how the ACL colors/numbers are defined, then yes.

> - Suggestions on any software I have forgotten

I think this will continue to stand as I don't think it will ever be
100% complete - anyone see anything missing at this point ?  I think
Arabbix will really drive this part.

> - The procedure of evaluation: I prefer not to test all packages on
>   my own (no time;). Mentioned on
>   http://www.geocities.com/karouri/las/asl_apps.html#AEN166
>   is a possible way. If any one can suggest a better way, please do.

Sounds reasonable to me.

> - Naturally, any other comments.

You and Munzir are doing a grand job.  I believe you still don't have
CVS write access and we need to change that ASAP (your username is
'alkarouri' btw).  Do please send me your encyprted passowrd privately
so I can add you to the list.  I highly encourage you to start checking
this work and docs into the repository (I believe Munzir already has
some older versions there).


To generate your encrypted password - visit,



 - Nadim

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