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Re: Arabic Book Based on Red Hat 9 By Faisal Yousuf

On Thu, Dec 11, 2003 at 09:46:08PM +0000, Muhammad Alkarouri wrote:
> Salam,
> I believe you got it wrong, Elzubeir.
> His attitude is not wrong. There are many people who do it already.

His attitude is not wrong? Have you read his post? He is yelling at
people not to bother him again, instead of embracing the very people who
will be in effect advertising for his book. I think alienating the
people who could help you is hardly a 'right' attitude ;)

> He is *not* from this community.

If you are writing a book on Linux then you are in one way or another
attempting to be a part of the Linux community.

> Open source is not Linux only. and Linux based projects are not automatically
> open source.

Why do people assume that I am not aware of what Linux is and what open
source is? Did I imply what you are suggesting? Like I said, I think the
license the author is adopting is rather appropriate. I see no reason
why he should change it to anything else. Some people would like it if
it were different, but I personally have no issues with it. It provides
everyone access to it and allows the author to impose certain
restrictions that would work to his benefit. No harm done there.

However, adopting the "Holier than thou" attitude would not help anyone
make friends.

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