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Applist. was Re: Distros project


Application List

Here (http://www.geocities.com/malkarouri/applist.html) is a draft application
list, as required in the SAIS document which has an old version at

Some comments

* The document currently include a list of packages that I got from Fedora Core
1, Arabbix 0.8, and the MAPS document (version 0.21), in addition to some I
remember were included in a previous discussion thread.

* The versions of the packages should be updated to the last one for each, but
I haven't tested them yet, so I cannot comment on a version I haven't seen. The
status is the status of the mentioned version of the package as found in its
original site (pristine). This page will not be distro specific; any infor
regarding that should be in the SAIS related distro page.

* There is a non-functional bug list at the end. I think we no longer need this
here. A seperate bug page is already under discussion in arabeyes.

F1! F1! F1! (Help,help,help)

I will update this document by Sunday. I need feedback on the following:

- The form of the table. Any comments?

- The principles of the status evaluation are included in the SAIS document. Do
you like that?

- Suggestions on any software I have forgotten

- The procedure of evaluation: I prefer not to test all packages on my own (not
time;). Mentioned on http://www.geocities.com/karouri/las/asl_apps.html#AEN166
is a possible way. If any one can suggest a better way, please do.

- Naturally, any other comments.

Finally (as in try .. finally)

Any unattended articles are likely to be removed without previous warning.

Muhammad Alkarouri
MSc Telecommunication and Information Systems

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