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Re: New version of arabic font

--- Yousef AL-Harthi <alharthi at kacst dot edu dot sa> wrote:
> Now we release new version of fonts contain new font (Farsi font)
> and contain some development in other fonts.
> http://ceri.kacst.edu.sa/download/KacstArabicFonts-1.5.tar.gz

Great, I've just uploaded it to our sf.net mirror.  Yousef you are
more than welcome to update the Khotot project page in the future
with the info (I'm talking about the short blurb).

BTW: it would be great if you could also send a collage with future
     releases to show prospective users what the fonts look like.
     You can find sample collages on the Khotot project page,


The sf.net mirror resides here - look for 'Fonts',



 - Nadim

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