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Re: An Islamic point - about a game

 --- Mohammed Yousif <mhdyousif at gmx dot net> wrote: > On Monday 08 December 2003
11:20, Arafat Medini wrote:
> > > Your comments, and do I need to file a bug report with freeciv?
> >
> >  Hmm does Mohammed necessarily means the prophet? there are many omayyad
> > and abbasid khalifs called Mohammad...
> > Umar, well I don't know... Is Umar a prophet? I don't think so...

Well, I suppose I could be the one mentioned in the game, as a huge
civilazation and culture builder, you mean?

>  That's a little funny. We all know what they meant by these
>  names.
>  Anyway, I wouldn't mind if they used them in the condition that they
>  show enough respect for those names (i.e. not using them as
>  a game character the player controls ..etc)

Agreed, and one cam look for the better side of it. They are acknowledging that
arab exist and who are their historical leaders. More education about the
'sensitivity' of the actual use of the characters will be in place.

> >  And all in all no one plays Freeciv anyway, even in the linux
> > community, so it would be more interesting to mail the developers with
> > some historical facts to make them now a little bit about our history
> > instead of filing a bug report.
> > Knowledge is far better then bugs...
> >
>  Agreed, and anyway I once saw in the official Civilization site some
>  history notes and they were really honest (original Civilization game
>  makers) only that they give a few fake pictures for the prophet and Abo
>  Bakr Al-Seddeek that is hand drawn I think.

Good. I actually sent the original e-mail to get advice as it is the best open
source community that understands such issues and that I know of. Cool advice
will benefit us and tend to end the thread more than rough guidance. On either

I will pursue more contacts with the game's developers later. I will not send
further feedback to the mailing list, and it is my hope that the result will
appear on the next version(s) of the game. Not that I know some people who
actually played that much..

Muhammad Alkarouri
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