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xvkbd - virtual keyboard

Ayman is not feeling too well (I guess he caught what elzubeir was
passing around :-) and asked me to forward this rather important note
below for help/assistance.  This should not be too complex to do...

Any takers ?


 - Nadim

--- Ayman Negm <a dot negm at hamburg dot de> wrote:
> another thing is there are a Virtual keyboard programm [1] which it display
> the keyboard on the screen and you can use it clicking the mouse there
> are many language support but there are no arabic I looked into the
> source and I found the Hebrew support, we can take this as example,at
> the moment I am very ill, I have pneumonia and my activities is quit
> restricted, can you find someone who can take care about, I will try to
> look at it when I recover in shaallah
>   http://member.nifty.ne.jp/tsato/xvkbd
> [1] > apt-cache search xvkbd
> Description: software virtual keyboard for X11
>  xvkbd is a virtual (graphical) keyboard program for X Window System
>  which provides facility to enter characters onto other clients
>  (softwares) by clicking on a keyboard displayed on the screen.  This
>  may be used for systems without a hardware keyboard such as kiosk
>  terminals or handheld devices.  This program also has facility to
>  send characters specified as the command line option to another
>  client.
> Salam
> -- 
>  Ayman Negm

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