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Re: An Islamic point - about a game

I love controversial conversation ;)
But still you are taking it not too seriously...As YES Indeed the whole
world will end up in flames as freeciv opted for the names of Mohammed
and Umar ;)
(we Arabs don't do work but look for every little thing existing out
there we have to work in the nano field I suppose)

As long as they didn't insult the prophet you can't judge if his name
has to be used or not, nice eg. for this is the Mekka meat and the zam
zam drinks, what about this? THIS has to be forbidden as the ppl use it
to market producst they use holy names to make profit from it...

But riding on two words which, as said, can mean anything doesn't make
sense... And then riding on me does not make sense also, I added at the
end of my mail conciously that if you have any problem with this you can
contact them with a ncie mail with some historical facts about our
culture, but our Arabic habit says: "NO I'll not take the good part of
the mail" "NO let me tell him the TRUTH" as if we really knew what the
truth is or "MAN is he so dumb, is there any other Mohammed outa
there?!" come on... calm down an drink some zam zam juice ;) and send a
mail to the freeciv creators and tell them with some historical facts
and your point of view they'll for sure listen to you instead of flaming
me ;)

Still Mohammed can mean anythingand Umar too...