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Re: An Islamic point - about a game

On Monday 08 December 2003 11:20, Arafat Medini wrote:
> > Your comments, and do I need to file a bug report with freeciv?
>  Hmm does Mohammed necessarily means the prophet? there are many omayyad
> and abbasid khalifs called Mohammad...
> Umar, well I don't know... Is Umar a prophet? I don't think so...

 That's a little funny. We all know what they meant by these
 Anyway, I wouldn't mind if they used them in the condition that they
 show enough respect for those names (i.e. not using them as
 a game character the player controls ..etc)

>  And all in all no one plays Freeciv anyway, even in the linux
> community, so it would be more interesting to mail the developers with
> some historical facts to make them now a little bit about our history
> instead of filing a bug report.
> Knowledge is far better then bugs...

 Agreed, and anyway I once saw in the official Civilization site some
 history notes and they were really honest (original Civilization game
 makers) only that they give a few fake pictures for the prophet and Abo
 Bakr Al-Seddeek that is hand drawn I think.

Mohammed Yousif
We _will_ restore OUR Jerusalem.