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Interesting xterm issues!

I send this to xterm author and thought it's better to share it here.

Hi Sir,
I am preparing a doc (see the signature at the bottom of this message) and I 
fall across your page accidentally today and happy with the comparison you 
made. I have some issues which you may be interested in:

* Shells allow for Arabic input and display with some rendering, 
shaping/joining problems that should be solved.

* The shell doesn't refresh the text displayed if its window is minimized then 
maximized again.

* Hyphenation is not displayed properly in all the shells (konsole, rxvt, 
gnome-terminal, ...) if unicode encoding is enabled. I tried this with the 
Arabic language and think it applies to all the languages. 
[http://qa.mandrakesoft.com/show_bug.cgi?id=6479||Bug 6479]

* Deleting Arabic text in terminals in response to an interactive command 
using BACKSPACE will delete the question itself!

* When you type any interactive command in the console (e.g. rm -i), you will 
be faced with a question such as:

rm: remove regular file `filename'?

Now, if you switch to Arabic and type some Arabic letters then BACKSPACE to 
delete them, you will delete letters from the question itself which is equal 
to the number of the typed Arabic letters. Looks as if something concerned 
with Arabic being double byte and the UTF-8 encoding. This problem is in 
konsole, xterm, mlterm, gnome-terminal, ... 
[http://qa.mandrakesoft.com/show_bug.cgi?id=5645||Bug 5645] (update: if you 
type any arabic letter in a shell's prompt, you won't see it, this happen in 
all of them except gnome-terminal, try to discover where has it gone ;) )

Please feel free to pass to anyone who may be interested since I can't find 
enough time to even report all of these bugs.

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