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Re: hack: arabic/vnc on linux client

On Sunday 07 December 2003 11:16, Moustafa Mounir Elqabbany مصطفى منير القباني 
> Assalamu alaikum.
> As a follow-up to my previous question, I found that if the client
> running vnc is also running X and I switch the kbd layout to be Arabic
> on the local machine, it will type Arabic on the remote machine.  So,
> until there's a way around it, you can start kxkb on the local machine
> and Alt-Tab between it and a full-screen vnc session of the remote
> machine to switch input languages.  It's a clumsy hack, but it works.
> (This still doesn't answer my original question because it was regarding
> a vnc client on Windows.)

Since X is available with linux then there is no problem in linux, right?. The 
problem is in Windows then. Please Mustafa, confirm Arabic with vnc in linux 
works and I haven't misunderstood you so I can remove this from my own 
pending issues.

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