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Re: Embedded Linux

--- Jamil Khatib <jamilkhatib75 yahoo com> wrote:
> Is there anyone know how to port embedded Linux to new
> system?
> I am interested on doing full arabic free system based
> on Linux if anyone interested in joining me in this
> project let me know.
> The project will build full free open source system
> (hardware and software)

I would be _very_ interested given more detail, direction,
thought and plans (time will be an issue though).  I'm a
hardware guy myself (verilog, no VHDL - but we all can
learn :-)

I've seen lots of your work (in passing) on opencores.org and
would like to personally commend you on it and on your drive
and commitment -- you've done us Arabs proud !!!

As was suggested earlier, 'developer' (mailing-list) might be
more appropriate for further detail on this topic.


 - Nadim

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