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Re: Gnome schedule

--- Djihed Afifi <djihedlists at googlemail dot com> wrote:
> We will still work on 2.16 to get 2.16.2 or 2.16.3 100% arabic.

Can you please specify dates and deadlines for the above planned
releases (and update the sub-project Gnome page [1]) ?  Note that
the schedule doesn't need to exactly mimic the mothership's dates
given you have some midterm milestones.  I'll update the page to
note you as its maintainer (this will also give you access to
modify its contents post login to the website).

The key here is to tell people what to expect and when as well as
to set priorities just to keep everyone informed.

[1] http://www.arabeyes.org/project.php?proj=GNOME


 - Nadim

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