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Re: Submitting gnome 2.16 changes

Gnome Translation simply has a goal to translate as much as we can get
into 2.16, starting from the small files up to the big files with many
strings left. However, the deadline is unfortunatly...today according
to this [1], if there are no delays and it appears there won't be
much. Gnome translation was not completed mainly because work
commenced way too late. I don't have exact stats, I estimate the work
done to be at least 70%.

A log of completed files is here [2].

We will still work on 2.16 to get 2.16.2 or 2.16.3 100% arabic. I
advise against working on HEAD during this period as HEAD changes are
not stable early on, and there won't many changes anyway as efforts
will be concentrated on fixing 2.16.

Hopefully, when the wiki is done, these plans will be kept there :-)



On 06/09/06, Nadim Shaikli <shaikli at yahoo dot com> wrote:
--- Djihed Afifi <djihedlists at googlemail dot com> wrote:
> What's the status on submitting gnome 2.16 translations to Gnome's servers?
> It would be cool to have the done ones submitted. Statistics are cool ;)
> Youssef, if you'd better let me do that, then no problem :)

And when is the next deadline the Gnome team is shooting for ?  Do we
have any goals (like getting certain important files upto 100%) by
such-n-such date ?


 - Nadim

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