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Re: Abi rocks the socks

--- Youcef Rabah Rahal <rahal at arabeyes dot org> wrote:
> What word, 'مطّة' ?? It means a 'dash'.
> It comes from the verb 'مطّ' which has a close
> meaning to 'مدّ', ie 'to 
> lengthen' (think about مطّاط :-)) I _think_
> 'مطّة' means 'a point lengthened 
> into a dash'.

If so, then it wouldn't be suitable in this context,
because as Medini mentioned, the bullet could be _any_

> Like I said before, we would use that word at
> school. What did you use ?

We didn't use M$ Word or any other editor at school.
Just the same word نقاط that was used by our
teachers when they put lesson objectives.

Also, I think we need an online Arabic-Arabic
dicitonary, or maybe Wordlist.
Duali would help in this field I hope *grin* ;-)


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